Revenue Management

We believe one of the most important aspects of managing a real estate portfolio is Revenue Management or Lease Administration. Without a standardized lease management approach companies will find themselves constantly searching for lease documents, clauses and important financial terms. Companies risk losing revenue from missed bumps, miscalculated recoveries and missing critical dates. The potential for errors and the risk of missing dates, submitting inaccurate rent bills or not being aware of specific responsibilities can have a substantial impact on the bottom line.


Our experienced team of Lease Administrators understand the importance of accurate abstracts and getting accurate data into your property management system. We review all data abstracted and with our quality control process determine that all critical data points are correct. We have established processes that reduce errors in billing, recoveries and critical clauses, and these data points are accurately captured and calculated. Lease Administration is the teams only responsibility and they have a thorough understanding of the impact on revenue and operations. We focus on what’s at risk and make sure they don’t impact clients.